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Originally Posted by mr_a500

An Amiga-made commercial that was actually shown on TV is pretty impressive. Nice work.
Thanks... we thought it was pretty cool at the time, but it looks very lame today. ;-) I still have all the files, so now and then I think about rerendering it in Lightwave.

Yeah, I did that too on my A500, but I definitely don't recommend it. Another thing I did was run an emulation inside an emulation.
No, that sort of thing is pushing it a bit. ;-) I had a bridgeboard in my 2000 for a while, with a ISA extender I had room for enough cards to run VGA, IDE and serial/LP ports. I loaded up windows 3.1 on the thing a few times... what a kludge. ;-)

One other cool thing - one of our customers ran a small weekly newspaper with Amigas (and Apple ][s. ) I wrote them a CanDo deck to manage their classified adverts.
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