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Some games like Super Mario 64 ,Zelda OOC ,Zelda Past ,Nights and Radiant Silvergun,Gunstar Heroes dwarf others in the same genre so i guess i would say that's what it should be all about - games that do what they do better than anything else.There are more than enough fantastic games to make a chart like this but actually far less truly astonishing games.I don't honestly believe most people know what makes a game legend.There are various other reasons that can cloud a judgement regarding this.

Thing is i could argue with myself let alone anyone else what this chart should look like.Also nostalgia can get in the way sometimes or even that you just like a game a lot based on it's atmosphere say - i adore Purple Saturn day probably more than most i'd imagine and based on this i could claim that it would be criminal not to be here.Obviously it shouldn't be though.
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