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Translation from another site...
A Legend Returns.

Do you still remember the good old Amiga classics?
With Switchfire you get to experience the Amiga Feeling again, with modern 3D Graphics!

The end of days. Modern civilization has been brought to the brink of annihilation. The great cities of old resemble nothing so much as piles of rubble. In the midst of the debris and ash of the old world, groups of survivors form the final resistance of mankind against the military machine overlords.

As a member of one of these groups, it is your task to combat the forces of the machines and destroy them all, or die trying...

- 15 levels to fight your way trough, each with their own boss.
- 3 worlds: Desert, Rural, Cityscape
- 3 vehicles: Jeep, helicopter, boat
- Hundreds of enemy encounters per level !
- Multiple available Upgrades e.g. tripple SHOT, Side SHOT, jump rockets, etc.
- 2-player-coop on one screen
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