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OddbOd, your post was really helpful, thanks a lot.
I've read the newsgroup post you mentioned and many others. The situation is as follows:

- The Cyberstorm MKIII is supported only for what concerns CPU and Ram. Its scsi controller is NOT supported and will never be.
- Although, typing 'make menuconfig', there is an option to choose the one on the MKIII among a list of scsi controllers, this has never been supported and, at some point in time, somebody also purposed to remove the 'fake' option.

Since I'm not willing to install another hard drive and connect it to the on-board scsi controller of the 3000, my linux experience with the Amiga 3000 seems to prematurely end here...

This brings me once again to the conclusion that an Amiga should nowadays be used just as an Amiga as mother Commodore produced til 1994, with maybe a few hw and sw updates that fix, expand or improve the base functionalities. No ppc, no linux, no exotic os whatsoever...
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