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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
Dune 2 should have been in the list for starting the RTS craze, Age Of Empires 2 being the best RTS I ever played.
A list that awards the original game would be very different from a list that rewards the game that had the most impact. Dune 2 vs Command and conquer. I'd pick CnC any day. Cnc in turn really has nothing against CnC III or civ 4 other then being the game that everyone above 20 played.

Another problem is that the list is still focused on single player, arcade gamers, siblings, or probably todays younger CS / MMORPG generation will be even more annoyed at rating mario 64 higher then Counterstrike. To put it in context, 2p IK+ vs 1p IK+ or today 2p guitar hero. With a friend they easily beat every 1p game on the list for lastability and fun factor.
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