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Making a numbered list is just plain stupid. How on earth can you say, for example, Zelda OOT is a better game than Sensible Soccer? Where on earth is the connection?

I mean, we laugh when we hear a person say "hey, you should try FIFA" and then another person says "pah, Max Payne is much better!", don't we? Isn't this the same thing?

A numbered list implies that number 67 is worse than all of the 66 games before it. A numbered list of 100 is basically impossible to get accurate. I mean, can you honestly say that number 67 is better than 68?

Now, making a list is entirely possible, but it shouldn't be numbered 'cause it wouldn't even be remotely accurate, and if there are numbers, it should only be used to make the list easier for your eyes to read.

PS! Flashback, Pinball Dreams/Fantasies/Illusions and Cannon Fodder surely belongs in that list!
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