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Originally Posted by killergorilla
Adropac2, you've had some great things to say, you've pretty much summed up how I feel about a lot of these lists.

A game can be a good game, but to make a top 100 it really needs to stand out from the crowd. I know some games appear to be remakes/rehashes but when they offer the absolute best of their predecessors then they are very hard to ignore.

I think Flashback may make my top 100 though, even if it is only in the lower numbers (90s) but there are so many games and so many that leave such a scar...

I love these lists because they really get you thinking.

A lot of the games in EDGE's list I've never played, so unless you've played all of them you really, in all honesty, can't say that an Amiga game deserves to be in the list
This is about the only forum where you can say something like this without getting a load of abuse fired back. Then this is EAB.Your right about stuff like this making you think loads but it does seem quite impossible at end of it all to make an acurate top100.
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