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Originally Posted by Galaxy
So it's surprising that any Amiga games made their list.
No, they just got released on the Wii virtual console, they just got nintengood.

One interesting thing about list in general is the question if you should award the original game or the best game. What does Mario 64 or Legend of zelda do on a list that shares space with Half life 2 or Civ 4 when they choose civ 4 over civ 1? Even more so with the example if quake 3 vs quake, street figther the collection, MGS2 or even worse, pacman, tetris and other only ever original games.

As for the argument that consolegames > then computer (amiga) games the problem is the consistent rating of japanese game style over western. Baldurs gate 2 worse then Final fantasy? (where was baldurs gate btw?) For some fun, check the list for 2d vs 3d games, JRPG platformers?

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