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As much as i love the Amiga (probably my fave machine) , games like Flashback and Cannon Fodder don't deserve to be in a top 100 list.Certainly some of the games on the list shouldn't be on there either but it's a difficult task.Flashback a game that was flawless in it's design was something i really enjoyed and it left a lasting impact on me - certainly not in a top 100 games of all time though.Same too for Chaos Engine - also one of the few games i finished on Amiga and it was a wonderful experience for me ,boasting good if simple gameplay but most definitely no top 100.Cannon Fodder isn't great anyway if you ask me but it is a charming enough game that plays well enough.Pinball for the Amiga were better than what PC's or consoles were able to pump out at the time but just pinball games.It wouldn't suprise me if people thought Turrican2 deserved a place as well but it's just a very average platform shooter with great atmosphere and incredible music - still love playing it though.

Speedball2 deserves to be there quite honestly

Monkey Island yep

Sensi i can understand even though i like Kick Off2 more

Consoles like Snes and Megadrive always did things better - we never did get a platformer as good as Mario or Sonic(Super Frog was fun but a millions miles away from as good).Shooters were always better on consoles and we just didn't get any great RPG's like Zelda past and Mana.No suprise consoles dominated this chart.

Still the Amiga was a lovely machine and has some wonderful games and i loved the era more than any.

Why no Radiant Silvergun?Wrong

I would say that generally speaking , most game designers for the Amiga at this time were rather amateur compared to console devs - we never had the support from these superior designers and it showed.That was then however and i would actually say that Japanese art appears to have gotten a little stale.Japanese art is always great and all but everything is so bloody over the top and cheesy that i'm much happier these days staying clear of certain Japanese games.Great stuff will always come from japan i just wish they could tone it down a little bit like what they do with Zelda.

Shadow of the Colossus deserved to be there - brilliant and dreamlike but also unlike anything else.One of PS2's best titles and even worth buying this crap system for - there are otheres too of course.

Blah blah

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