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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey
Well yeah, I understand that (e.g. Shadow Of The Beast) but, purely in terms of gameplay it's, by and large, irrelevant.
Well i know it didnt seem very irrelevent when the majority of us didnt think that gameplay was the most important thing back when we were too young to realise this. Now that we are older and wiser, yes we know that gameplay is the main factor, but the main factor was the eye candy that the Amiga gave us when buying the machine, and good graphics along with great gameplay was acheived later on in the Amiga's life which to me started to happen in 1990 for the Amiga.

Why didnt we buy an Atari ST and spend extra on buying an Amiga?. I for one wanted my hard earned investment back then to be utilised to its fullest extent with great gameplay as well. We didnt buy the Amiga for shit graphics.

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