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Oh noes!
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I used to be annoyed with all the lists worshiping Nintendo (and lately PS1) since it pretty much was the only system sold in USA. Especially how Doki doki panic converted to super mario bros 2 scores high and is praised just because of the mario name.

Imagine the following
  • Believing bionic command and contra are best on the Nes.
  • Lemmings being a crap game since the music and controls suck
  • Turrican starts with super turrican
  • Civilization starts with Civ 2
  • Any simulation or RTS starts with command and conquer
  • Lucas arts only game is monkey island 2
  • The first RPG you can play is FF 7, never mind Ultima 7 or underworld.
  • That golden eye was first with deathmatch.

Then I realize how lucky I’ve been. These days I just laugh when I see any list with more then 3 Nes/Snes games in the top 10.

*edit* Doki Doki Panic

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