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I'd never use double lines are pixels. I like the graphics to be in a 1:1 ratio And Malc said teh Amiga uses 640x512, always. Well, not really always

Andreas, it could be. Perhaps it's using two screenmodes. I tend to think it's using interlaced (320x512) mode rather than hires interlaced, to allow a greater number of colours (since hires interlaced's max is 16 colors, and it slows down the machine too damn much, while interlaced does not). You can recognize it by looking at the pixel ratio. it should be squished vertically.

Uridium 2's loading pic (the one that shows the same art that appears on ads) is using 320x512, perhaps in HAM mode. Agony's 'intro' (the one which shows the publisher, makers and game title) is done in hires interlaced, 16 colors, if I am correct.

BTW Ian, yes, my videocard is old, but trusty Another method to get corerct screen ratios, is to use the latest Scitech Display Doctor drivers. Of course this is intended for DOS emu users (me ), but it's real nice, since you can create the videomodes you want. So you can create 640x512, 640x256 or whatever mode you feel like. Works a treat using DOS Fellow!
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