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The problem in todays world seems to be with a generation or two before us that have very little idea about pushing the hardware that we had become so accustomed to seeing with our C64's, Spectrums & Amiga's. In today's generation, we have alot of kids and even alot of adults who only became accustomed to gaming once they became more realistically war like with games such as Medal of Honour, so they too are just as clueless as to what can be done with hardware when it is pushed.

So as a result of the clueless market consumers we have now, we have companies like Nvidia & ATI pushing out video card after video card every few months & saying that we need to update to a GeForce 99008000 with 2000 gig if ram and a spare satellite dish thrown in for good measure with the NASA launch pad included as an optional extra for a registration fee.

Alot of this is of course due to also the competition between the two rival graphics accelerator companies trying to outdo eachother and that is understandable, but that does not justify the hefty pricetags for new cards that are essentially under utilised by developers and underappreciated by the end users for whom should demand more from their expensive investments.

Seeing the C64 & Amiga pushed year after year was one of my GREATEST joys, as were its games which gave me the GREATEST memories.

But i think the Amiga went further than just nostalgia, because i cannot seem to fathom the reason why i dont have the same feelings towards the CBS Colecvision
& Atari 2600. Both those machines went further back in my gaming life, and generally speaking, the younger you are, normally the greater amount of nostalgia you have for that time. I got my first A500 in 1990 when i was 16 years old, so i well and truly past my infancy, and later on, i would say that the A1200 was THE machine that gave me the biggest buzz!.

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