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Yeah, it's still happening. I need to hook up a tape backup system to my brain to record all the hundred of ides that are coming out of my head every minute. With enough community support, we should be able to get something really decent happening.

I'm writing up some text to put on the website, still not sure on a name though. Thinking of simply "Amiga Arcade" since a lot of the games I want to make are arcade or console style games. Once I have the beginnings of the site online, it might give some idea as to how I think this company will run, it's not like other games companies and we're not really in it for the profit (well at least I'm not0, we may have to end up paying some professionals to work on the games if we get the budget together).

The results from the poll were both encourging and helpful, thanks to everyone who filled it in. Once our site is up, you'll see a list of the kind of games we plan on working on in the future, and people will be able to donate money (through PayPal probably) towards their development.
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