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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
I recorded a longplay of Simon the Sorcerer 2, and that too is a PC port
Yep, but that was a commercial native port that was optimised by hand, whereas the Duke Nukem port is a freeware kludge that has had little optimisation and thus doesn't work too well even on high spec Amigas. Not surprising really as the Amiga's capabilities are far better suited to point 'n' click adventures than 3D games.

Originally Posted by killergorilla
The 'power of the amiga' ?

The fact is that a real Amiga runs Duke Nukem like dogshit

Someone coming onto an Amiga forum is gonna say "WOW, How do I run Duke nukem as good on an amiga as on youtube"

Reply is either:

Get quite a powerful PC to emulate a game you could run natively on a £10 PC.


Spend £100s on a upgraded Amiga.

Have to agree TBH......can't really see the point of using a PC to make a longplay of a PC game running under Amiga emulation via a largely unoptimised patch
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