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Hmm. Todays programmers are used to programming with barely any technical limitations at all. These modern consoles and PCs have an over-abondance of CPU and graphical power, so just about anything is easy enough to do on them without having to "hit the hardware" like they used to do back in the Amiga days. It seems that using modern, easy programming techniques, they'd have a hard time moving more than five testure mapped poligons around an Amiga's screen without slowdown.

Of course, I'm not saying all these guys are crap programmers, just that they're probably not used to programming with limitations anymore. On the other hand, I'd still love to see the results of such an interesting experiment.

As for the Japanese, yeah, if Amigas were popular in Japan, the whole WORLD would be different. Windows would not have become the dominant platform, there would be no war and global warming wouldn't exist. Sigh.

All we can do is try and make the best damn games we can. We can always try to emulate the Japanese style games, just take a look at Fightin' Spirit, Apidya, Minskie's Furballs, Gem'X and a few others who, although European games, emulated the look and feel of the Japanese arcade and console games.
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