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Originally posted by fiath
Yes, it is quite technical. We tried to keep this to a minimum, but there was only so much we could do and keep all the details in there that we wanted to put in...
No prob, I love reading technical stuff, all this talk about decoding the raw data is exactly how Bob did most of his work. He would dump the entire track to where it would wrap around to the beginning then start to decode it, great for the boot track of copy protected titles. This is where he got a foothold into the copy protection


Did you get anywhere at all? A programmatically controlled speed adustment is exactly what we need for CAPS. Please see the Wanted page for more details!
Unfortunately the never got anywhere at all, only preliminary discussions, talk mostly, no designs ever got done and because we sent the specs out to an engineer to create the circuit board and parts list, I never had the schematics to it, and I can't seem to locate any notes either I have a feeling that I shredded all that stuff as I left the company in not the best of cirumstances Still no luck on finding that manual speed control drive either. Damn I was sure I kep it in the basement. I've been finding everything else, some old ICD Adram boards and even one of the first wireless Amiga mice, I've got to hook it up and see if it still works:hooooo
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