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Thanksie! . Play a game a bit and you becomes better. I practice some of the games I never played before, before playing them. In the beginning I suck at most games. Like in Last Action Hero, I lost alot of health and lives in the beginning. Then in the later levels I got better and found out I could do combos, each combo if done right could take out any boss or enemy in one single combo string without them getting a chance to throw a punch at me . Also the same in Dune 2 I recently completed (not upped yet), in the later levels I found out that the price changes everytime you enter that place where you can order stuff, and also notices around half way that when you place some concrete blocks under buildings, they don't lose health that much... and alot more .

Another reason why I want to record a game like Dukenukem is that I know WinUAE inside and out, I can make any game run super smooth, if not perfect.. whilst others can't.... someone wanted to record OnEscapee before me, I said HELL NO!... because I know the intro is a bit difficult to emulate... if not done right, some animations runs choppy or slow.... so, I did the recording... People here have had huge lag, slowdowns, choppy movements in 3D games like Genetic Species, Alien Breed 3D, and they have a far faster system than I have, but still, for me it runs perfect.... so, I'm curious on how Dukenukem runs.. maybe it's a game not easily emulated to run perfect.. but havn't run into one yet.

I want game to look as good as they can..... it makes the Amiga look much better. Like, most 3D games, let's take Robocop 3, that games runs choppy as hell on a real stock Amiga 500.... well, in my recording it's pretty smooth .... now it looks much better.

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