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Originally Posted by Peter
The plot thickens - I installed OS 3.1 onto another hard drive using the 8 MB ram expansion - went into time prefs and I am able to save... install the latest 060 libs for the 060 card - put the 060 card in - reboot, go into prefs and the time save option is greyed out - so maybe it is the card...

Zetr0 - I downloaded the 060 system disk from Phase 5 and installed that - I tried the earlier libs as well but no luck.

So the ram expansion works...
The 030 works in the desktop but not in the tower
The 060 does not work in the tower - I will have to try the desktop when I get the time (no pun intended)

Somebody wave a magic wand please...
just thinking outside the box here,

can you just check that NONE of the clock port pins you removed have been grounded in anyway. infact it might be wise to check the whole lot.

the mobo could be reporting that the RTC is in wrong memory location.

again... its outside the box. but its the only thing that comes to me.
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