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i've downloaded 5 of the games on your site yesterday, prompted by the last 44 games added post of some day ago.
i would like to say that your initiative is very good: i've finally seen how Waxworks ends, and past the second screen of The Immortal.

also, not to pick fleas, not all the longplays are as good as they could be, for instance, while some of the avi producers do edit their movies, adding for instance interesting outtakes (It came from the Desert) not all of them do, so Waxworks could have been improved by a couple of minutes more with all the gruesome game-overs, or even it could have featured more than just the strictly needed gameplay (more descriptions dysplayed etc.)

another game i've seen, Loom, has prolly been played at the easy setting, so a sequence famed to be only in hard, is not there.

overall a very good effort though and a cool site
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