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I've been through exactly your way of thinking...

...but with a little twist.

What if the Amiga had become Big In Japan™? Would we have had games like R-Type, Gradius, Salamander, SD Snatcher, Ys, Metal Gear and the like to play around with today? Considering how well the MSX did over there... even though the computer was complete crap in certain aspects (MSX2 vs. Amiga 500 would have been like Commodore 64 vs. SNES, it feels like) but still was a commercially viable product... how nice would it not have been to see the Amiga take its place? Just like Windows have done today (here in the western part of the world you don't really see much console-ish games for Windows, but in Japan that simply isn't the case).

I'm almost getting a tad sad just thinking about what could have been.

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