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Yesterdays technology and todays experience

Just wondered today..........

What if i gave (lets pretend lol) EA games, rockstar and square my Amiga 1200 with 150mb HD 2mb ram, 32mb fast ram and blizzard 1260 accelerator.........locked them in seperate rooms for a year to get used to the hardware etc.......

Now then.... what sort of games would/could they produce? Was quake pushing the amiga hardware to its limits (and struggling a little) or could these modern day coders who can make next gen games etc produce something on my amiga and push the hardware to beyond its limits that would make my eyes open?? GTA 1 for example.........

I know ages ago i read somewhere that some coders wrote a demo on the speccy with colours that shared adjacent pixels. Impossible at the time by even the top software houses yet amazing things are possible.

Just wondered............
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