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Ok - I put my Blizzard 030 into the tower and the 030 booted OS3.9 fine but promted the same reaction as the Blizzard 060 i.e... the Battclock not recognised and the save option in time prefs greyed out - when I put the 030 back into the A1200 Desktop it works fine - time saves OK...

I couldnt test the 060 card in the desktop as I dont want to mess with the configuration of my desktop too much - I have a lot of stuff on it.

It proves that there is something wrong with either the OS install or the motherboard in the tower - remember this is a 1D.1 MB - any problems with battery backed clocks spring to mind with this revision?

Maybe I damaged something on the MB when I removed the clockport pins...

I will try to install everything from scratch again on a different hard drive and see where things go wrong... I am sure I remember when I first started to configure the tower I was using a ram expansion and the time on that saved ok - really must write things down as I go along ... well if anyone has any ideas??
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