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Indeed i think you have touched on something that is a really COOL idea, I have been using a Wizball intro on my mobile for donkeys, that and Final Fantasy 7 fan fare (this was before the movie lol) for that added style points!

okay... so the Amiga Ringtones Project this needs to be done, and it need to be done properly.

Firstly Spanner as its your little baby, i would suggest you get some interested members to act as council, these will help in making inportant decisions, theres a range of talent here at the EAB that is unsurpassed anyware else IMHO!

heres an idea of how people cna browes for files

you could have an audio-album of say turrican and from that ringtones in there.

For your project I can offer unlimmited space download space and traffic on a fast severs but I feel it will require structure AND credits page for the available downloads. the mp3's that are encoded should have both original artist and aranger (similar to remix64)

I have some ideas on improving the distibution of the tones by setting a maximum run length of file (30/45 seconds is this long enough for a ringtone)

The council will need to agree on a format (namely mp3) but more so an encoding frequency, i would suggest a range of poeple try out various encodings of the same musical piece on various sound equipment, a point to note here is that different music pieces perform better under certain encoding frequencies.

Anyways A REALLY cool idea, and one i would love to get involved in, (even if its just hosting it) PM me

indeed .mod support would be great for mobile phone ring tones! i think theres a java version that can play miggy mods, but not as ring tones. hmm...
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