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back in the day, i also HAD to defend the Amiga from "Non-Believers", i went to college and everyone was using Dos, all the trainers were raving about Windows 3.1, i pointed out that the Amiga (and Mac) had GUIs and featured multi-tasking etc...

Upon saying to one trainer about the Amiga, he said and i quote "oh yeah, the Amiga, thats that computer toy isn't it", lets just say i was close to being kicked out for the remarks i made after this trainers words!

if the Amiga had been kept a viable commercial option, and with technological advancements over the years i truly believe that the Amiga would have been "right-up-there" today, if you compared the 1990 pc @ a £2000.00 price tag and a 1990 Amiga @ a £400.00 tag, the Amiga was way ahead of the PC, the only thing that has kept the PC alive is the fact that anyone (company) can make one, and Apple have a huge amount of money from way back!

so... comparing a machine that dates from 1990s and a games console thats here in 2002, is plain to see which one is gonna win, in 15 yrs from now do you think there will a forum as huge and dedicated as EAB for the PS2 or the X-Box, i doubt it.

As we all know the Amiga ROCKS and always will!
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