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I have a battery in my accelerator - it shouldn't be dead...
It does not matter if there is a battery or not. The clock does work without battery, too, it only looses its time when you switch power off. If the clock cannot be found, then the clock chip is dead.

The clock chip is detected by reading the time, waiting one second and checking if the time has changed. In rare cases the clock chip is ok, but the bit to stop it running has been set. This bit can be reset by writing a 0 into the right memory address. Try to open a shell window and enter

setclock reset

If this does not work, try that: http://thomas-rapp.homepage.t-online...startClock.lha
It is the sledgehammer method: it fills the entrire memory area of the clock with zeroes without checking.

If both methods don't work, the clock is dead. RIP.
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