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Originally Posted by Shoonay
In other words FW, a bunch/all/some/few voices in WO2097 *are* actually "made" on Amiga?
All of the "Missile Lock" and "3, 2, 1, Go" and all that are, yes. I found a program on Aminet (I think that it was speechtoy2) that let's you change the voice parameters. They wouldn't spend any money on audio (besides the licensed tracks for which there soul-destroyingly seemed to be no budgetary limit), so there was no way we could have got a voice actor. On the first Wipeout, Tim did those voices himself for that very reason, and we couldn't do that again. By the way, on the first Wipeout, when all of the licensing stuff fell apart, we were left with only three tracks and a deadline of about two weeks or something ridiculous like that. Tim was forced into writing the rest of the Wipeout music in a mere ten days, and had never written any dance music before (I was busy doing Tenka at the time). So anyway, on the second Wipeout, computer speech was really the only way to go, and the Amiga was good for it thanks to the uniqueness of its voice.
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