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Originally Posted by gabrielA4000
Any chance of make a Macintosh version???
Also a linux version. E-UAE is great. Super stable, non CPU eater, light, never hangs and i run 68060 demos, etc without problems - just need to tweak a bit but then the speed comes (Northwood 2.4).
I read "Completely free" in AmigaSYS page, but Windows is not... But Linux is... And AmigaOS 3.9 is lots cheaper than Windows... and has great games... And Linux is better than windows... And there's wine... and AmigaSYS is very well done... and Windows destroyed Amiga... and I don't know why the modem light is flashing while i'm not doing anything... and what about system 32 dll directory with more than 500megas of unknown programs? and the virus? and bots? and spyware?

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