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Had the pleasure of having a bash of Super SD on the PS3 at a mates place the other night & found it a great bit of old-school, all out shoot-em-up fun. If you're a Ps3/PSN enabled owner its a must have purchase. Likewise Calling all Cars is a nice brain-off,simplistic multiplayer bit of fun.

Like all console gaming formats, rush-job multi-platform ports & first-gen releases are rarely going to show a machine at its best. Are 360 owners really still raving about their first-gen releases? Like all machines, it takes time & dedicated teams rather than publishers looking for a quick port & profit-not too dissimilar to the days of the Amiga suffering ST & PC port-itus in some of its releases-it didn't stop all those titles being playable, but it doesn't mean they couldn't have been better than they were.
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