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Originally Posted by Muzkat
Earthworm Jim
- Earthworm Jim + Worms + Dune (sandworm head)
- The 3 armor guys with the H2O tank look like the Avatar in Ultima VIII:Pagan
- The thing in the exosuit speaking with Twinsen (LBA's hero) seems to be from some Oddworld game. Abe's Odyssey maybe.
- Rayman's head near the bottom pentagram ?
- I think Alice and here guest are having some Pac-Man for lunch
- In the same row as Purple Tentacle, I believe we have a sectoid from UFO/X-com (cf. geoscape). From the design, the judge seems to be from the Cthulhu mythos but I can't tell which game.
- To the right of the FFVII guys, I believe the guy is watering some Tiberium from command and conquer.
- 'That james bond game with the girl.' is no one lives forever
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