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Originally posted by fiath
RCK: enough of those big quote ! we are reading all thread long ...
I'll check out the WIP again, perhaps I've not read and understood it clearly enough

As for my work with KJPB, I helped develop the old C64 backup utility orginally called Renegade, Taito made us change the name and then worked on the succeding Amiga version which at that time was named Maverick. I only created a few 'parameters' as we called them. Most of this was done by Bob Mills and some support help from a couple of others around the country. Testing and Q&A was my best asset. I did help design an accessory for the Amiga, an external floppy drive with a manual speed control box. This was fun to work on and test. We found the best drives out there to modify were the Teac 720k drive units Some Sony and Panasonic drives worked ok as well, but they tended to be unstable once we introduced our own speed control circuit. We had planned on a purely software controlled unit but the sales of the original Backup Buddy drive never justified this.

I'm still searching for my drive I kept after leaving the company, if I can't locate it perhaps somebody out there can help out.

Grab a copy of Maverick v5 and play around with it. Seems to work fine even with Kickstart 3.1 and possibly even OS 3.9 although I don't have this to check it out.
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