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Originally Posted by Shoonay
Sorry, but to me it sounds even more Zeldish now, except maybe some minor details with world buildup with the player (Oblivion, anyone? )...

But I do understand what you trying to tell.
I know it's not Zelda's world but the schematics are similar and it's an action/rpg - and that's exactly what Zelda is in my book, sorry, didn't have time to play it that deeply...
Well, yes, you could put in the 'Zelda-ish' category... and most people wouldn't mind. Just like they wouldn't mind putting Secret of Mana in that very category aswell... is just that the J-RPG elements are completely absent from Zelda (besides Zelda II - The Adventure of Link). You just don't gain levels in Zelda... which is one of the 'cornerstones' in the J-RPG genre (well, the RPG genre in general).

But, anyways, I do aswell understand what point you're trying to make. It's just that I see Zelda as an action/adventure and Soul Blazer as an action/adventure with RPG-elements added (which makes the game feel and play completely different to me).

Oh, I guess there isn't more to discuss here concerning this... it's just different point of views, nothing more...

I loved the video, by the way.
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