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Originally Posted by StarEye
Good reasons to have a PS3 right now:

Virtua Fighter 5
Super Stardust HD
The Darkness (also on the X360)

Coming next week: Ninja Gaiden Sigma (just a remake, but still excellent)
I'm really interested in Virtua Fighter 5, but I'll wait until the XBox360 version comes out, though, since they probably will have updated some bits and pieces (and I do hope the sparring-AI-partner from Virtua Fighter 4 will be reinplented, that would be awesome).

Motorstorm just didn't cut it, in my book. What I do like about it? Well, for starters the controls are awesome. Heavy vehicles feels like heavy vehicles and light-weight ones feels like light-weights ones. The amount of detail in the graphics (mud, dust, what.not) is really high. The general feel when driving is excellent... but, the fact that there are way too few levels doesn't manage to keep my interest up. Oh, let's do this specific stage some 25 times with different vehicles and different difficulty level... no, seriously, they should have included more levels. Also, why does the game run in 30FPS? Why? I mean, the hardware SHOULD be capable of running it in perfect 60FPS, but no... and while it doesn't make the gameplay suffer, it does make it seem a tad unpolished. But, what annoys me the most is the really odd colission detection. Oh, well, here I just ran into a mountain but I just barely bumped... but, oh, well, here I ran into a tiny little stump of tree sticking out of a bridge and my vehicle exploded and threw me some 30 meters up in the air. Why? Once you learn how the colission detection works, it doesn't offer any problems, really, but why did they do it this way in the first place? And, also, compared to Excite Truck it just lacks the speed. It isn't really a fast game. So... no, while it feels like a decent game with wonderful controls, and overall feel in the gameplay (besides the colission detection), I felt rather 'done' with the game after just a couple of hours of playing. Also, the graphics didn't really impress me much at all, only the level of details (dust, mud, tracks, whatever) making it feel more 'realistic'. It didn't deserve the hype. If it hadn't been for the hype I would probably have been more satisfied with the game... since it wouldn't have had anything to live up to.

Concerning racing games and Motorstorm, Excite Truck wins hands down according to me. Excite Truck may suffer from 30FPS and some minor screen-tearing, but the speed! The controls! The hysteria when reaching the later levels when things go so fast that one barely can understand how one manages to keep track of what is happening (but still manage to do just that very thing)... well, uhm, I'm in a trance. I've never had so much fun with an arcade racer, ever. I don't play Excite Truck. I live it. I'm jumping up from the sofa, standing up playing the most intensive parts, and my friends do the same when watching... they just seem to, uh, 'move' with the twists and turns... almost to the extent of getting a little workout themselves while only watching. Aaaaaaaaah, I want to play it right now but I can't... I'm not even at home.

Super Stardust HD, well, I'm drooling.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, well, I've been thinking about playing the original on the XBox, and now comes this remake... which probably be just as good as the orginal (if not even better), so, yes... this will be interesting to give a go. I'm really looking forward to it.
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