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Cool pic... well, a quick look and I see:

1. Larry (cool Lara Croft (spelling of the name might be wrong, I'm no fan of that game) next to him :P)
2. Legend of Kyrandia.
3. Aliens.
4. Final Fantasy.
5. Looks like Max Payne... could be Matrix aswell.
6. The "Dungeon" something game... were you could torture femal slaves :P... could be Diablo too, but think it's that Dungon game.
7. Full Throttle.
8. Monkey Island.
9. Megaman.
10. Quake.
11. Another World.
12. Simon the Sorcerer.
13. Halo.
14. Big... adventure... something.. forgot the name.. it's the little almost bald dude with a pony tail.
15. Lemmings.
16. Maybe Grim Fandango.
17. Sin
18. That james bond game with the girl.

feck, I know them all... don't know the game name though.
edit: hehe

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