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Seriously, that's just bullshit. To me, Motorstorm and Virtua Fighter 5 is better than most of what the X360 has to offer.

And it's not an "older game" either. It's a full-blown sequel. If this was released on the PS2 (although it would struggle to handle the graphics, I think) it would've been full price. Instead it costs £8.

Right now though, I'm playing Gears of War co-op with my wife. Good game, worthy of an 8/10. Extremely overhyped, but good nonetheless. Before that, we played through Resistance, which was very good as well. We're on Act 5 on GoW now, so we'll probably finish the game soon. Then it's over to Rainbow Six Vegas... recently bought on the PS3.

Good reasons to have a PS3 right now:

Virtua Fighter 5
Super Stardust HD
The Darkness (also on the X360)

Coming next week: Ninja Gaiden Sigma (just a remake, but still excellent)
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