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Originally Posted by killergorilla
I must say, with your self-created fonts and everything you've done, you have THE BEST A500 I've ever seen. I'm not sure about the cybermen but other than that it's amazing to see what can be achieved with 20 year old hardware. You've made some very good decisions as to what colours and such and it pays off. Nice one

Damn. I had planned on making post 555 my last post on EAB, but now I have to answer this nice comment so I don't look like an arrogant a-hole. (I'll have to end on the much more satanic post 666 now. Thanks alot, KG. )

I'm not too sure about the cybermen either (this was before I heard the new cybermen were crap), but it's the best background I've found for my palette so far.

Yes it is amazing what can be done with 20 year old hardware. When I put my A500 in the closet in 1991, I had no idea that I'd be able to take it out 11 years later and comfortably use it as my primary computer from 2002-2007.

When I got a free crap Windows 2000 computer (500Mhz, 192Mb, fresh Win2000 install) a couple weeks ago to just to load my iPod (one of the few things an A500 can't do), the first thing I noticed was how bloody unbelievably slow it was. I had both computers on the same power bar and when I switched on, the A500 was completely ready in 15 seconds. The Windows computer took 3 minutes (all unnecessary services & networking disabled) and even then was not ready because there were major StartMenu delays and random pauses. Every single program I started took about 30 seconds while on the Amiga programs take 1-2 seconds. Obviously, a 500Mhz 192Mb computer is technically faster than a 33Mhz 8Mb one and for heavy CPU stuff like decoding/decompressing it blows the Amiga away, but in actual OS use the A500 is about 10 times faster and doesn't ever leave the screen half-drawn and freeze like Windows always does. (or mono-task when accessing devices)

Edit: ...and that's with anti-virus disabled. With anti-virus services on, Windows 2000 boot-up time was around 5 minutes, then constant drive-grinding for another 5 minutes, making the computer completely useless for 10 minutes during every boot (not to mention the random freezes and extremely slow access of any device/archive while it's scanned for viruses). God I hate Windows.


Yes, that's definitely impressive. I made music too, but nobody liked it so I couldn't make a career out of it.
I liked my music though.

Nice to see you got an A500+ networked. Welcome to EAB by the way.

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