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Originally Posted by Shoonay
Looks like a perfect description of Zelda to me...
Differences found in Soul Blazer:

* You progress through the levels in a linear fashion. Not really having to look back other than to aquire some few items (which I do not think you really need to complete the game in most cases).

* There is an RPG-element thrown in where you gain levels by defeating enemies.

* The dungeons are much more linear than those found in Zelda, and focus is really on defeating enemies rather than puzzle solving (in the dungeons).

* The overworld 'levels' builds up as you defeat enemies in the dungeons. Houses, pepople, animals, what.not will pop-up when an enemy lair is sealed (which it will be when all the enemies spawning from it is defeated).

Yes, they do both place themselves in the action/adventure genre, but, really, there is not much Zelda to be found in Soul Blazer at all.
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