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Impressive stuff I've done with my Amiga are:

with my Amiga 1200 I browsed and posted on forums - as well as surfing ebay and buying items. I also managed to get it networked (using samba) and got the Amiga 1200 connecting and transferring files from a Windows 2003 Server (although the Amiga wasn't joined to the domain - I left one fully open share for the Amiga).

with my A500+ I have managed to get it networked with other Amigas (via Parnet) - I finally managed to get a CDROM set up and working on my A500+ (via the internal SCSI connector on my GVP HD8+ that's hanging off the side of my A500+)

and the amazing thing I did with my A2000 is repair it - it didn't boot, only showing a RED SCREEN at boot up (not a guru but a full red screen)

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samba is lame....
... unless you want to communicate with Windows PCs is offline  
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