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Originally posted by jmmijo
Ian: No need to quote the whole post, use either the relavent bit's or a simple @Jmmijo before your reply
Okay, the CAPS *dumping tools* are available now to the general public. You get it when you contact contributions so you can dumps games with it. There is really no point what-so-ever putting it on the webpage since it is no use to anybody but us at the moment.

The reasons for that is quite well explained in the lastest WIP - basically look at the section on why analysation needs to be done. The dump format will not be (and cannot be - you cannot do this stuff on the fly while dumping - again see that WIP post for a more in depth explanation) and cannot be the same as the release format which will be the one that emulators will support.

As far as custom formats are concerned, we have so far dumped *hundreds* of; dual format disks, disks with long tracks / short tracks, disks with numerous other protections and they all work fine so far (obviously this does not apply to when the dumping tool was in development - but that was a while ago now). So basically as long as you have the floppy drive accurate enough to cope with it (and the minimum spec Amiga) we have so far dumped 100% of stuff without problems.

When the analyser and remastering tools are finished, then we can start releasing stuff - the release format will be made public - including source code - and you can see how they are handled "in the flesh"...

I have not heard of Backup Buddy, but maybe Maverick - rings a small bell. Were you involved in development? What did you do? Perhaps you can help us with the hardware needed to write long tracks - please see the Wanted page for more info!

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