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Sorry, but it just seemed to me that the page was making reference to things like floppies, pixel graphics, mod files, etc. as if this is something Amiga people find superior (technically, rather
than aesthetically).
heheh the references to floppies, pixel graphics, mod files etc. were intended to be more referring to someone stuck in 1991 (like the programmer dude in the article) who refused to accept new technology, rather than Amiga users in general - I can see the source of confusion though

"Sceptics are quick to point out the superiority of other platforms..."
This was of course meaning sceptics as in "other people from the year 2002" :-)

Maybe I just took it the wrong way, but it just seemed as if it was poking fun at Amiga users and the standards from which their old school games existed. I used to argue with 'IBM users' back in the day, and they would make similar remarks in their most sarcastic tone, followed by huge laughter. I had to battle these guys with a loathe in my heart as black as coal.
Heheheheh yeah I understand what that's like - it's just like the whole Mac vs PC debate (which deserves an entirely different thread ). The specs weren't meant to be ridiculing Amigas - for at the time they were well above other competing machines.

But your satire was well done, I'll give you that. The presentation was slick and the pics were hacked very nicely!
Why thank-you :-) The name A1 Stud Muffin, incidentally, comes from Greek Mythology: A1 Stud Muffin is the Greek God of Photoshop

Look forward to further posts, it's nice to know people haven't forget about the Amiga, the most prominent landmark of my childhood!
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