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Re: Woah there... Calm down!

Originally posted by a1studmuffin
Okay, I think it's time for some defending remarks about the article and some background history on myself.

Twistin'Ghost, could you point out exactly *where* I make any "slap in the face" remarks about the Amiga being bad? I ought to slap you in the face for interpreting the article with such a bias. Where are these "insulting stabs" you refer to? I'll have you know that I was born and bred on Amiga - the reason why I chose it as the basis for the article (an homage to my childhood memories heheh).
Sorry, but it just seemed to me that the page was making reference to things like floppies, pixel graphics, mod files, etc. as if this is something Amiga people find superior (technically, rather than aesthetically).

"We have even made the controversial decision to release the game on four 880KB floppies to allow more gameplay and better graphics than ever before seen on a Commodore Amiga."

"Sceptics are quick to point out the superiority of other platforms..."

"...uses a custom built parallax scrolling rendering engine and makes excellent use of detailed sprites and 8-bit mono sound, for a stronger, thicker soundtrack. We use four channel MOD files, none of this MP3 bullshit XBox is using these days..."


Maybe I just took it the wrong way, but it just seemed as if it was poking fun at Amiga users and the standards from which their old school games existed. I used to argue with 'IBM users' back in the day, and they would make similar remarks in their most sarcastic tone, followed by huge laughter. I had to battle these guys with a loathe in my heart as black as coal.

But your satire was well done, I'll give you that. The presentation was slick and the pics were hacked very nicely! I find it amazing that in 2002 I find myself still having to defend the Amiga against non-believers - not that I am talking about you, mind you...but others are out there that still can't get over the fact that we Amiga users just won't go away!

The intention of the article was merely to juxtapose the quality of a game from 1991 to a game from 2002 (XBox and PS/2 sprang to mind simply because they're the latest consoles on the market), and I thought it would be funny if a company tried to pass off a 1991 quality game in this day and age as if nothing was wrong.
And that is a valid source of parody. I agree that it's an amusing concept. Again, sorry I took it out of context.

Oh, and yes, we are bitter - no apologies there

Annnyway to conclude, I'm not trying to pick a fight or have a flame war here, I just wanted to set the record straight. I sold my Amiga in 1995 and to this day still think it was the worst thing I ever did. I still have all my Amiga Format magazines and wouldn't dare throw them out. I am almost (if not as much) a fan of the Amiga as you guys are.

Don't hate me. Love me. We can all get along.
Hey, the way I look at it is that we have another Amiga fan here at EAB! Hopefully you'll stick around and enjoy the nostalgia!
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