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Downtown: AGAIN - I cannot give a "config" for that one, because this is an executable for DOS x86 PC!
>>> Here <<< you have another proof on POUET.NET that this demo is NOT for Amiga!

Bob Plop by CULT (*not* Absence - thanks to zeg, check also here!) - Works but it was necessary to truncate the file to a length of 119240 bytes by stripping off 56 bytes at the end, because the rest was garbage and confused the machine! Fixed binary in the zone!

Extension by Pygmy Projects: works for me with A500 quickstart. If it doesn't, I'll up the
DMS images from amigascne for you, which work perfectly.

Faktory by Virtual Dreams & FLT: AGA! - use A1200 expanded (4 MB) quickstart! HD only!

Full Moon by Virtual Dreams & FLT: AGA! - use A1200 expanded (4 MB) quickstart & Best Compatibility (very important!!)
Note: The complex "flying geometrical objects" part still has some smaller graphical bugs.

Just For Your Ears by Zenith: working 100%, but currently from ADF only! The DMS images from amigascne are tested and OK, but they are confusing the current built-in DMS support code in WinUAE and may slow down the app to a crawl!! A fix for this is in the works and should be available in one of the upcoming builds...

Lethal Dose 2 by Faculty: AGA! - A1200 quickstart, set 8 MB Fast RAM and turn JIT off!

Seventh Attempt by 23 Celsius Crew: - 100% working version in the zone. Also the widespread DMS file (646,334 bytes) has a hell of graphics and sound issues, which were reproducible also on my A1000! Config: A500.

Tekkno Trax by AFL: A500. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I'd say the "menu screen flashing for 1/10 second, then black screen" issue is a WinUAE problem, because if you type in aflttm again, it works! If you do a RESET and let the disk boot up a second time, you can usually access the menu too! Weird problem...

War Machine intro by Accumulators: This is the TetraPack-2.2-crunched file 'war' from War Machine (->TOSEC) but decrunched (300200 bytes). Since this is relocated when unpacking, it is NOT executable anymore. The crunched binary (-> zone) does work but it will guru after you quit the intro because it expects War Machine game data afterwards!

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