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You know, I wonder why Amiga Inc., never discussed with one of the Taiwanese chip makers about doing an all in one VLSI Amiga chip. I'm thinking with the .18 micron technology they could have done this and created enough to make the classic Amiga available as a PCI card. I know there have been canceled projects intending to do just this but man It could have been nice to have something by now. This would have been perfect emulation in that I think all the custom chips could've been put into a single piece of silicon

As a side note Faith, when is the first CAPS tool going to be available for the general public. I've seen some of the WIP on the web site and I'm eagerly waiting to see how the custom disk formats are going to be handled, especially the LONG TRACK stuff from both Psygnosis and Readysoft

I think I still have my old Backup Buddy drive lying around, now there was a fun project to be part of, that and the Maverick software
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