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Totally! No denying that! Very impressive feat considering the Amiga went so long unemulated in the first place! No disrespect to what has currently be done, I was just pointing out that there is (obviously) stuff to do.

Obviously you could argue that is any emulator 100% anyway. Probably not actually, though some must come very close.

I have worked on and am currently working on some emulators myself. These guys are were *much* simpler than the Amiga, even the 16-bit one - and they are *still* a huge amount of work. I really appricate how much work goes into them, especially as they are all done for free.

Mind you, if you are into programming - writing emulators has got to be the most rewarding programming you can possibly do, I personally do it for fun (yes fun!) and not money. It is supposed to be a hobby anyway - technically in this country - my current employer can expect a share of any money even though it is done in my free time (I won't get into that

I hold no distrespect to those that decide to charge for emulators either, it is probably also one of the *hardest* programming (& research) you could possibly do too, especially if the system you are emulating is not publicly documented very well - just take the Jaguar currently...
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