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Thanks for your help guys, I think I'll have to punt for the real thing. Just a few questions before I finally do.

1. Would you recommend buying a HD or not? I've read up that they can be a bit of a nightmare. I'm no technical wizkid either. I'm looking at transferring ADF's over from my PC to play, so is having a HD essential?

2. Can you get hold of a lead now so that you can plug the Amiga in via scart?

3. Is it still easy enough to get hold of floppy disks? I'm looking at getting perhaps 200-300 in bulk. Is it possible to play Amiga games off CD? Can you buy external CD drives even?

4. Can you still buy Zipsticks? Or if not Zipsticks, how about Pythons?

5. Is there anything else you recommend I should get while I still can?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for your help again guys. Much appreciated. Cant wait to get back to Amiga life. I'm also dying to get to enter the EAB competition.
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