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Well, now I see what's the problem:

There is a ghost inside your Amigas drive that wants to protect your A-1200 from illegal ADF copies being put back on real floppies which will be used on the A-1200 then. It is the soul of former Amiga programmers that haunt you

Ok, seriously, is your A-1200 one made by Escom or Commodore ?
Does it's label say 'Commodore A-1200' or does it say 'Amiga A1200 HD' ?
I think I once heard that some newer Amigas by Escom had some drive problem. Something like a missing ready-signal. But that would also mean that your A-1200 must have some problems with all N-DOS disks, like e.g. a lot of games and demos.

The last idea that come to my mind would be that you have some problem in your system, like a wrong trackdisk.device file or something like that ? I know that e.g. my version of Crossdos has to install a patch for trackdisk.device because there are some bugs in it. Maybe that could have something to do with it ?
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