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Question Baffled of Pompey...

Well I don't know what's going on!

I have used Formatter 2.7 to do a verify format and it formats a blank disk with no reported errors. I can use DOpus to copy files onto the new disk. I can drag files onto it. I can read the files from DOpus.

I used Transdisk to write a file from the harddrive to the disk.

-w work:sas-c1.adf it goes and does it. The disk is empty if I double-click it or try to look at it from DOpus.

If I take the disk out and reinsert it - DF0:NDOS !!!

I have looked at the adf file from DOpus and it reports 901120 bytes. I can do a hexread and it displays loads of stuff which seems to indicate that the adf is not empty.

To say I am puzzled would be an understatement!

I searched Aminet this morning and couldn't find Tracksaver GUI - do you have its' filename?
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