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Originally Posted by mr_a500
Even thought I don't like "hip hop", I'm still impressed.
You will be even more impressed when you read these lyrics that I memorized from one of the tracks. They've stuck with me through the years and still make me laugh. Take it, Shiny B...!


F*ck you klan you aint a man so Klu Klux Klan f*ck to hell
I want you all to sit in a motherfu**inna pipcell
'cause y'all are trying to say that y'all are f*cking with nothing
That's wrong!
Cause y'all are f*cking with something like the black man
that you call a n*gga
Now watch out boy before he pull his trigga on YOU!
and your stupid little klan
don't tell a black man what the f*ck he has to do
'cause white is white and black is black
and all you racists stay the hell back
or help me
to *befree the South Afrikaaans from the torture and violence
of the white man.. man.. man.. man...


*In danish, to free someone is to "befri" them.

At the time, I really looked up to the guy who wrote that!
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