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OK, I'm on them...

242DL75 (Rage): Believe it or not - this binary is 100% OK!!
BTW, the demo is AGA.
After xfddecrunching the ~ 225 kB binary, you'll get a whopping 1.8 MB binary in return! But yes, it *does* work! Yet unable to persuade WinUAE to unpack the binary on-the-fly, no matter how much RAM I pump in!

Every 3rd attempt crashes WinUAE completely. (Toni: Minidumps have been saved)
Using A1200 Quickstart (+4 MB Fast) implies JIT and makes the app crash almost every time.

Blip Verts #4: 100% working disk version is in the zone, created from amigascne's .COP file using Simplex Tools. Looks the "mistake" is that you cannot run the binary alone but it needs some files to work with. In case zeg reads this: just remove the standalone 397440-byte binary from amigascne - it makes no sense keeping it! BTW this is not a demo, but a scene disk magazine!

Bubble3 by Void: needs external library (mathtrans.library) - impossible to run as single binary!! I've made an ADF which will boot into the demo and load the required library (->zone)

Buzz 6: A500 quickstart + KS 2.04. BTW this is not a demo either, but a scene disk magazine!

Collage by Anadune - AGA! - A1200 quickstart

Contact and Demo Again (both by Vision): Use KS 1.2 (33.180)!

Digital Dreams by AFL: A500, 2 MB Chip RAM

Dolle Dock by Apathy: Can't work that way - needs mathtrans.library! Custom-made ADF version in the zone. Use A500, and 1 MB Chip RAM!

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