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Vixen and Brattacas

Ok, just kidding. They shouldn't have even been 1 player.

Chaos Engine
Yeah I know it's 2 player already but it would be great with a third or fourth player. The characters may need to be reduced in size a bit though.

Cannon Fodder
2 player mouse action would make this sublime! You could send off two seperate parties and ambush the enemy! Awesome!

Same as cannon fodder really, some awesome destructive action, be it Vs or co-op mode! The amiga struggled to play it one player though, so 2 player split screen with Gauss guns aplenty would make it s-l-o-w....

Rainbow Islands
This is a definite candidate for "why the feck didn't they...". This could have been awesome in 2 player. Instead it's merely superb
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